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Student Art Contest

$200 prize

This Contest is to design a logo that will be used on the back of a gray T-shirt and other promotional materials for the 
2019 Tennessee Association for Assistive Technology (AT) Conference


The design should fit in a 12” X 14” area and use no more than 2 colors.
Our slogan for this year is “A-Team, Education is Our Mission

AT means things that are designed to help those with disabilities to be more independent in daily living.
The focus should be on technology and teamwork.

We want to make a humorous connection between the theme of the state’s conference and the 1980’s TV show

I Pity the Fool!

Submit by Sept. 30th to Susan Holton at

A decision will be made by October 15th.

Please attach your submission in an email and include NAME, SCHOOL, EMAIL ADDRESS, PHONE

For more info contact Susan Holton – (865) 789-1158