Door Prize Winners:


Communication book/wallet from Augmentative Resources - Cici Fritts

$50 Gift Card to Teachers Pay Teachers from The Autism Helper - Alice Johnson

$50 Gift Card to Teachers Pay Teachers from The Autism Helper - Souette Quinn

Forte Speaker Package from Writing Learning - Marleta Costner

Feiner Supply Velcro - Chandra Walker

Feiner Supply Velcro - Anne Beaver

1 year free subscription from LessonPix - Lorettta Cooper

ATiaData iPad Case w/ Handle from Maury County - Tracy Voyles

ATiaData iPad Stand from Maury County - Rachel Lindsey

Adapted Snoopy Toy from Signal Centers - Lilly Hall


 Applebee's Gift Card - Suzanne Hammox

 Blu Ray Player - Michelle Mitchell

 32" TV - Lisa Trentham

 Pyrex Storage set - Rita Scarborough

 Godiva Gift Basket - Stephanie Hunt

 Holiday Basket - Darci Dolen

 Holiday Basket - Chantel Flynn

iBallz - Robin Wilson

      Pyrex Casserole Carrier Set - Dale Sweatt

FREE 2016 Conference Attendance - Stephanie Lancaster

JBL Speaker - Melina Littleton

Skull Candy Headphones - Lois Campbell

Chocolate basket - Nan Woodbury

Chile's gift card - Kim Mountjoy

$10 Starbucks card - Melody Henderson

$10 Starbucks card - Rebecca Barr

$10 Starbucks card - Laura Rich